Stay on top of critical changes in employment law with Law360 Employment Authority

Law360 Employment Authority combines the speed and quality of Law360 with the experience of best-in-class employment reporters to provide in-depth coverage of discrimination, wage and hour, and labor developments. With Law360 Employment Authority, you’ll have a clear edge with depth of insights and analyses.


Law360 Employment Authority: Discrimination covers all forms of job discrimination, including:

  • Litigation over discrimination claims related to age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, LGBTQ and disability
  • Actions by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Sexual harassment claims and #MeToo issues in the workplace

Wage & Hour

Law360 Employment Authority: Wage & Hour focuses on disputes about pay and work hours, including:

  • Litigation over overtime, rest and meal breaks, and worker classification
  • Regulations and administrative actions by the Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division
  • Changes to minimum wage at the federal, state and local levels


Law360 Employment Authority: Labor focuses on union-related issues, including:

  • National Labor Relations Board rulings, rulemakings and policy decisions
  • Strikes and lock-outs
  • Bargaining developments arising from union contract negotiations

Breaking News

Law360 Employment Authority provides up-to-the-minute news on the latest events and issues in employment law. Our team of experienced employment reporters strives to cover most events within 24 hours, and our real-time alerts and daily newsletters make sure you know about them.

In-Depth Analysis

Law360 Employment Authority goes beyond just the news, taking a deep look at the trends that impact your practice. Through daily features, special series and interviews with high-profile newsmakers, you’ll gain valuable insight into the forces shaping employment law and policy.

Expert Analysis

Law360 Employment Authority includes third-party analysis written by some of the most renowned minds in the field, including law firm leaders, employment and labor counsel, regulatory officials, state and federal lawmakers, professors, think tank analysts and researchers, and others.

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