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Law360 Pulse combines the award-winning journalism and research of Law360 with powerful data and analytics from LexisNexis to deliver unparalleled business of law coverage, timely insights and the industry intelligence you need to stay on top of issues, safeguard your clients and stay ahead of the competition.

National Coverage

Go beyond the headline with one of the most comprehensive news offerings that dives deep into crucial news and insights you need to make informed business decisions.

Modern Lawyer

Law360 Pulse: The Modern Lawyer covers disruption in the large law market, including:

  • Large law firm finances
  • Leadership and lateral moves
  • Compensation, government regulation and legal ethics


Law360 Pulse: Courts focuses on the biggest news out of the courts, including:

  • Major lawsuits and decisions
  • SCOTUS and other judiciary news
  • Policy changes that impact litigators

Daily Litigation

Law360 Pulse: Daily Litigation samples federal and state litigation news from across the country, including:

  • Complaints and decisions in notable cases such as class actions and MDL bellwethers
  • Major rulings out of state and federal appellate courts


Law360 Pulse: In-House topics include forces reshaping how in-house lawyers do business, as well as:

  • Hire and departures of general counsel and other in-house leaders
  • Litigation where in-house counsel is named as a plaintiff or defendant
  • Trends in how in-house departments hire outside counsel
  • How in-house leaders are reacting to government policy, and how they are shaping it


Law360 Pulse: Mid-Law covers similar business of law topics from the perspective of regional and mid market firms, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions, office openings and practice news
  • Leadership changes and major lateral moves
  • The appointment of mid-market attorneys to prominent government or judicial positions
  • Major court victories for mid-market firms

Legal Tech

Law360 Pulse: Legal Tech covers trends in technology tools and services used by law firms, corporate law departments, courts and other stakeholders in the legal industry for a variety of business functions, ranging from practice management and e-discovery to records management and back office operations.

  • Leadership changes, funding announcements, IPOs, combinations and other developments involving legal technology companies
  • New tech programs or services unveiled by law firms
  • Law firm cybersecurity issues
  • Research on how technology is being used in law firms, corporate law departments, courts or other facets of the legal industry.


Law360 Pulse: Insights focuses on the issues, challenges and trends shaping the legal industry, including:

  • Which firms lead the pack on diversity and inclusion
  • Breakdown of what partners make, by region, by level of law school they attended, by size of their firm, and how COVID-19 changed partner pay
  • What technological issues are keeping firms’ technology officers up at night
  • Where managing partners see the legal industry heading

Regional Coverage

State-specific coverage focuses on business of law news from nine states with more to come.

California Pulse

Connecticut Pulse

DC Pulse

Delaware Pulse

Florida Pulse

Georgia Pulse

New Jersey Pulse

New York Pulse

Pennsylvania Pulse

Texas Pulse

Comprehensive Content

Maintain Confidence: Law360 Pulse provides real-time, in-depth coverage on the topics most relevant to you by a dedicated, award-winning journalism team.

Focused Insights

Secure Knowledge: Law360 Pulse delivers deep and meaningful data to tell you what you want to know, when you need to know it, with exclusive alerting and data visualization tools.

Integrated Source

Achieve Efficiency: Law360 Pulse publishes compelling news and trends on companies, law firms, industries and regions, combined with industry-leading technology and data analytics, for you to seamlessly stay abreast of all your business of law needs in a single destination.



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