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Biden At His Side, Justice Breyer Announces Retirement

By James Arkin

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer joined President Joe Biden at the White House Thursday to formally announce his retirement, kicking off a rush among Democrats to confirm a new member of the court to replace the oldest serving justice.

Judge Jackson Back In Spotlight As High Court Contender

By Andrew Kragie

The upcoming vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court quickly threw the spotlight back on D.C. Circuit Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, a former clerk for Justice Stephen Breyer whose stature as a likely successor to the retiring justice was suddenly raised Wednesday.

IRS Wrongly Taxed Cannabis Co. On $2M, Tax Court Told

By Theresa Schliep

The IRS wrongly taxed a Massachusetts cannabis grower on over $2 million in costs that should be subtracted from income, the business told the U.S. Tax Court, claiming the agency unlawfully barred marijuana businesses from certain small-business accounting practices.

Ore. Bill Would Allow Higher Local Marijuana Taxes

By Asha Glover

Oregon would raise the tax rate cities and counties could impose on marijuana sales under a bill introduced in the state Senate.

Breyer Retiring As Supreme Court Lurches Right

By Jimmy Hoover

Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring from the U.S. Supreme Court at a time when his conservative colleagues on the bench seem intent on dismantling landmark precedents on abortion, affirmative action and the administrative state, to name a few. Can his successor preserve his liberal legacy?

The Term: Breyer's Legacy And The Nomination To Come


Justice Stephen Breyer on Thursday formally announced he would be retiring at the end of the Supreme Court term. Here, The Term breaks down the legacy he will leave behind and takes a look at what lies ahead for his potential successor with two special guests.

Expert Analysis

When And How To Depose Fact Witnesses Remotely In 2022

Tim Tryniecki and Thomas Mudd at MG+M offer a series of practice tips for successfully conducting remote depositions of often-inexperienced fact witnesses, as the virtual court proceedings sparked by COVID-19 look set to become a part of the legal landscape next year.

What The Judiciary's Font Recommendations Can Teach Us

The D.C. Circuit's recent soft prohibition on Garamond and the ensuing debates about courts' font preferences should serve as a helpful reminder of a larger point — every departure from convention in legal writing carries some level of risk, says Spencer Short at Stradley Ronon.

Alcohol Taxation Provides Good Model For Cannabis Taxes

Although the alcohol taxation system isn't perfect, it could serve as a useful template for cannabis taxation with a three-tier licensing scheme and tax rates based on potency, says Louis Terminello at Greenspoon Marder.


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