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Miss. Lawmakers Reach Deal To Legalize, Tax Medical Pot

By Paul Williams

Mississippi lawmakers announced an agreement Friday on legislation to legalize and tax medical cannabis — 4½ months after the state Supreme Court invalidated a voter-approved measure to legalize marijuana for medical use.

Pot Regulators Say Federal Legalization Can't Impede States

By Sam Reisman

A coalition of regulators responsible for overseeing the marijuana industries in 35 states on Thursday urged Senate Democrats developing a legalization bill to preserve local jurisdictions' role in administering cannabis policy without federal interference.

NJ Publishes Pot Regulations, Details Tax, Fee Rules

By James Nani

New Jersey's Cannabis Regulatory Commission published regulations Monday implementing the legalization and taxation of cannabis for adult use, including the rates of a social equity excise fee and how localities can tax cannabis once legal sales begin.

Mo. Won't Override Veto Of Tax Refunds For Virus-Closed Cos.

By Paul Williams

Missouri lawmakers won't override the governor's veto of a bill seeking to provide property tax relief to commercial property owners amid coronavirus pandemic-related shutdowns, but the measure's sponsor said Wednesday he'll offer a revised version of the legislation next year.

These Firms Have The Most Women In Equity Partnerships

By Jacqueline Bell

Many law firms are seeing only modest progress as they seek to close the gender gap in their top ranks. But these firms are working to shake up that reality and forging a path to progress.

Ex-Mass. Mayor Fighting Corruption Conviction Seeks 3 Years

By Hannah Albarazi

A 29-year-old former Massachusetts mayor who continues to dispute a corruption conviction handed down in May has pushed back on federal prosecutors' bid for an 11-year prison term, arguing that far worse corruption cases have yielded far less prison time and that three years is long enough.

Expert Analysis

What The Judiciary's Font Recommendations Can Teach Us

The D.C. Circuit's recent soft prohibition on Garamond and the ensuing debates about courts' font preferences should serve as a helpful reminder of a larger point — every departure from convention in legal writing carries some level of risk, says Spencer Short at Stradley Ronon.

Alcohol Taxation Provides Good Model For Cannabis Taxes

Although the alcohol taxation system isn't perfect, it could serve as a useful template for cannabis taxation with a three-tier licensing scheme and tax rates based on potency, says Louis Terminello at Greenspoon Marder.

How NY's Cannabis Legalization Act Prioritizes Equity

Elements of New York's recently passed Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, such as its prohibition of vertically integrated operators, show consideration for social and economic equity in the new industry, says Simon Malinowski at Harris Bricken.


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