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Calif. Employers' 2022 Minimum Wage Compliance Checklist

California’s minimum wage increased earlier this year, so employers in the state should review areas of potential ... (more story)

What Starbucks Union Efforts May Mean For Service Industry

Collective bargaining agreements that result from growing unionization drives at Starbucks cafes across the countr... (more story)

10 DOL Policy And Enforcement Priorities To Expect In 2022

This year, it’s likely the U.S. Department of Labor will approach policy and enforcement aggressively, with a focu... (more story)

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NLRB Faults Sprinkler Co. For Text Message Reinstatements

The owner of a Kentucky fire sprinkler company violated federal labor law by not being specific enough in its text message offers to rehire union backers fired for their organizing activities, the National Lab... (more story)

3 Workers Can Accuse Union Of Distress In Race Bias Suit

A Louisiana federal judge ruled Thursday that three out of seven workers accusing a plumbers union of racial discrimination can proceed with claims that the union's behavior constituted intentional infliction ... (more story)

A view of the Justice Department building in Washington, D.C. The FLRA recently upheld a decision that federal immigration judges are ineligible for collective bargaining because their decisions set policy for the department’s EOIR. (Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
FLRA Decision Raises Questions About Internal Strife

The Federal Labor Relations Authority recently issued a decision that labor attorneys say provides a rare glimpse into internal tensions at the agency that administers labor relations for U.S. government worke... (more story)

The Term: Breyer's Legacy And The Nomination To Come

Justice Stephen Breyer on Thursday formally announced he would be retiring at the end of the Supreme Court term. Here, The Term breaks down the legacy he will leave behind and takes a look at what lies ahead f... (more story)

Breyer Retiring As Supreme Court Lurches Right

Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring from the U.S. Supreme Court at a time when his conservative colleagues on the bench seem intent on dismantling landmark precedents on abortion, affirmative action and the adm... (more story)

2nd Circ. Says Grocer Doesn't Owe $58M To Union Fund

The Second Circuit on Thursday upheld a lower court ruling that a wholesale grocer was not responsible for a $58 million payment to a Teamsters pension fund, ruling the grocer wasn't a successor to the now-ban... (more story)

NLRB Backs Decision On Possible Union Change At ICE Facility

The NLRB affirmed Thursday a regional director's decision earlier this month that allowed a government security officers union to attempt to represent a unit of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement guards ... (more story)

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NJ Judge Must Undergo Psych Exam In Workplace Bias Suit

A New Jersey magistrate judge ruled Thursday that a state court judge must undergo a psychiatric evaluation in order to level the playing field for judiciary officials fighting her claims that workplace bias l... (more story)

Workers Will Tell House Of Washington NFL Team Misconduct

Former Washington Football Team employees are going to Capitol Hill to share "firsthand accounts" of the workplace misconduct in the team's front office after few details from an investigation by the law firm ... (more story)

“Defense counsel is admonished that the court will not look kindly on future motions of this sort,” the California federal judge said. ( Shabasheva)
Judge Says Bid To Nix EEOC Suit 'Wasted Everyone's Time'

A California federal judge forcefully rejected a now-defunct cellphone company's push Thursday to get a U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sexual harassment lawsuit thrown out, labeling the motion a ... (more story)

Boston Police, Fire Unions Win Brief Stay Of Vaccine Mandate

A Massachusetts intermediate-level appeals court on Thursday paused Boston Mayor Michelle Wu's requirement that all city employees get COVID-19 vaccines, as the justice reviews a lower court's decision to not ... (more story)

Alsup Fears $50M Pinterest Workplace Deal May Be 'Cosmetic'

U.S. District Judge William H. Alsup said Thursday he's inclined to greenlight Pinterest's $50 million deal resolving derivative shareholder litigation alleging discriminatory workplace conditions, but express... (more story)

Ex-Illinois DOT Worker Says Boss Called Him 'Geriatric Reject'

A 60-year-old former highway maintainer slapped the Illinois Department of Transportation with an age and sex discrimination suit Thursday, alleging that his supervisor harassed him and called him a "geriatric reject."

Amazon Says It Never Denied Requests For Accommodations

Amazon urged a federal judge to toss a proposed class action claiming it violated California law by making employees take leave rather than granting them disability accommodations, saying the ex-worker behind ... (more story)

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NY Spa Resort Stiffed Servers On OT And Tips, Suit Says

A New York-based luxury hotel chain deprived some of its workers of overtime while also illegally taking deductions from their tipped wages, a former hotel server and supervisor said Thursday in a proposed collective action.

Labor Must Face Trimmed H-2B Wage Rule Challenge

A D.C. federal judge nixed claims in a lawsuit brought by Louisiana crawfish peelers who say the H-2B guest worker program is driving down their pay by allowing employers to submit their own prevailing wage da... (more story)

Two groups representing outdoor guides say the Biden administration’s minimum wage hike for federal workers will significantly raise the cost of guided hikes and tours on federal lands. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)
Outdoor Guide Cos. Ask 10th Circ. To Rethink DOL Wage Rule

Outdoor guide companies have appealed to the Tenth Circuit a ruling denying their bid for a preliminary injunction against a U.S. Department of Labor rule raising the guiding industry's minimum wage to $15 per... (more story)

Staffing Co. Says No Expert Needed On Strike-Breakers' Risks

Counsel for a temp agency said a labor expert's opinion wasn't necessary to drive home the dangers its workers faced crossing picket lines at a Pennsylvania steel mill, and asked a federal judge Thursday to ex... (more story)

Working Parents Burdened By Pandemic School Closures

As the omicron COVID-19 variant moves through different parts of the country, classroom closures have disrupted the working lives of teachers and school staff as well as parents and caregivers who have to scra... (more story)

Salary Question Keeps Rehab Center OT Suit Alive

An Ohio federal judge turned down a rehab center's request to toss an overtime lawsuit Thursday, ruling that a factual dispute over whether nurses were given a salary will keep the proposed class action alive.

Judge Jackson Back In Spotlight As High Court Contender

The upcoming vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court quickly threw the spotlight back on D.C. Circuit Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, a former clerk for Justice Stephen Breyer whose stature as a likely successor to the... (more story)