Judge Pauses Discovery In Starbucks Buffalo Injunction Case

By Beverly Banks

A New York federal judge paused discovery Thursday in National Labor Relations Board prosecutors' high-profile case seeking a nationwide labor injunction preventing Starbucks from interfering with organizing campaigns, saying he'll hold off on receiving evidence until an administrative judge hears the case first. 

The Labor Cases To Watch In 2022's Second Half

By Braden Campbell

As the calendar flips to the second half of 2022, the National Labor Relations Board is poised to revisit issues including its bargaining order standards and the validity of so-called captive audience meetings, and a New York judge is mulling a landmark injunction bid against Starbucks. Here, Law360 looks at these and other cases to watch for the rest of the year.

Starbucks Says 'Memphis 7' Firings Didn't Inhibit Union Effort

By Beverly Banks

Starbucks' firings of workers known as the Memphis 7 did not have a detrimental impact on unionization efforts nationwide, as Workers United has organized at more than 300 shops, the coffee chain told a Tennessee federal court.

NLRB Prosecutors Seek Joy Silk Order At Kansas Starbucks

By Braden Campbell

National Labor Relations Board prosecutors in St. Louis have moved to revive the dormant Joy Silk bargaining order standard and make Starbucks deal with workers at a Kansas City-area store, claiming the company broke the law by refusing workers' demands for union recognition.

Top 4 Labor Developments Of 2022 So Far

By Tim Ryan

Despite a relatively quiet National Labor Relations Board, the first half of 2022 was a busy time for labor, with expanding union organizing campaigns at high-profile employers as well as legal decisions on employer speech rights and the processing of cases at the board.

Unions In Driver's Seat Amid Uptick In Retail Organizing

By Braden Campbell

An explosion of new organizing at big-name, nonunion retailers is showing no signs of slowing as the movement notches its first win at an Apple outpost in Maryland and continues to spread within and beyond other businesses it's already reached, such as Trader Joe's and REI.

Starbucks May Add Bargaining Note As Evidence, Judge Says

By Beverly Banks

A Tennessee federal judge allowed Starbucks to reopen the record Wednesday in the National Labor Relations Board's case over the coffee chain's firings of seven workers in Memphis, saying the company could submit a bargaining demand from the workers as evidence.

NLRB Sues For Bargaining Order At Buffalo Starbucks

By Tim Ryan

The National Labor Relations Board on Tuesday asked a New York federal judge for an order requiring Starbucks to rehire seven fired workers in Buffalo, bargain with a union and refrain from interfering with union organizing at any of its U.S. stores.

NLRB Rejects Union's Bid To Stop Starbucks' Unit Scope Spat

By Beverly Banks

The National Labor Relations Board denied a bid from Workers United to review a regional director's decision allowing Starbucks to oppose the scope of a bargaining unit with no new evidence, saying the union's request raised no issues justifying review.

NLRB Attys Lose Injunction Bid In Ariz. Starbucks Case

By Beverly Banks

An Arizona federal judge tossed an injunction request from National Labor Relations Board attorneys to reinstate three Starbucks workers in Phoenix after a hearing in the alleged union-busting case that captured national attention amid a mass organizing effort by Workers United.

Starbucks Wants Union Adviser's Affidavit Nixed In Firing Case

By Beverly Banks

Starbucks urged a Tennessee federal judge Wednesday to disregard testimony from a Workers United consultant that National Labor Relations Board attorneys presented in their bid for an injunction to reinstate fired workers known as the Memphis 7, saying the adviser's comments are "lay opinion."

Workers Resist Starbucks Subpoenas In Ariz. Injunction Case

By Beverly Banks

Starbucks employees who are at the heart of a National Labor Relations Board injunction case in Arizona federal court over their reinstatement challenged the coffee giant's subpoenas seeking documents about their communications with Workers United, arguing the information is irrelevant.

Memphis Starbucks Workers Vote For Union After Firings

By Beverly Banks

Starbucks employees voted to unionize Tuesday at a store ensnared in a National Labor Relations Board case over the firings of workers known as the Memphis 7 that has gained national attention amid Workers United's organizing campaign for nearly 300 stores.

Union Fights Starbucks' Plan To Close First Unionized Shop

By Emily Brill

Starbucks is planning to close its first unionized location after workers there went on strike over a safety issue, a move that Workers United is calling an escalation of an anti-union campaign and that the coffee chain is attributing to its inability to resolve the safety issue.

Starbucks Says Workers Were Fired For Defying Security Rules

By Beverly Banks

Starbucks told a Tennessee federal judge to deny NLRB prosecutors' bid for an injunction to reinstate a group of fired workers known as the Memphis 7, arguing that the company legally terminated the workers for violating its policies when they allowed members of the media to enter a store after-hours.

Starbucks Denies Claims In NLRB's Buffalo Union Complaint

By Tim Ryan

Starbucks Corp. has formally denied allegations in a sprawling labor complaint that the National Labor Relations Board filed last month accusing the company of firing workers and interfering with a union campaign in Buffalo, New York, calling the claims "vague and ambiguous."

NLRB Affidavits Greenlit In Starbucks Sacking Suit

By Grace Elletson

A Tennessee federal judge granted a request Thursday to allow the National Labor Relations Board to submit additional evidence into its suit seeking the immediate reinstatement of seven Starbucks employees who were allegedly fired for supporting a unionization effort at a Memphis store.

Union's Momentum Builds With 100th Starbucks Election Win

By Braden Campbell

Nine months after Workers United petitioned for union elections at three Starbucks in Buffalo, New York, the upstart campaign to organize the coffee giant notched its 100th win, with no signs of slowing down. Here, Law360 checks in on the drive that has captivated the labor world as it blows past this milestone.

NLRB Attys Demand Rehire Of Phoenix Starbucks Workers

By Beverly Banks

The National Labor Relations Board's case against Starbucks continued in Arizona federal court as prosecutors urged a judge to force the company to reinstate workers and curtail actions that the agency says are having a chilling effect on union organizing.

NLRB Prosecutors Seek Bargaining Order At NY Starbucks

By Braden Campbell

National Labor Relations Board prosecutors in upstate New York have bolstered a sprawling unfair labor practice suit against Starbucks Corp. by seeking an order that the company bargain with workers at the site of a rare union election loss last year.