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    'Irretrievable' Client Schisms Not Always How They Appear

    "Irretrievable breakdown." For most of us, the phrase brings to mind grim images of marital acrimony, or maybe a divorce court judge banging a gavel on daytime TV. But when you're talking lawyer-client breakups, the phrase can be so much more — a coded "wink wink" to the court, a convenient catchall, and an ethical defense mechanism.

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    A Dire Court Reporter Shortage? Depends On Who You Ask

    The nationwide court reporter shortage has drummed up a contentious debate in the legal industry over how big a problem it is.

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    Meet EDNY's New Business And Securities Fraud Chief

    Veteran white collar prosecutor David Pitluck began his career with an unusual act of rebellion, forgoing the law to become an investment banker. He found his way back to the law and is now overseeing business and securities fraud cases in the Eastern District of New York.

  • Lawmakers Weigh Giving Immigration Courts Article 1 Status

    Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are looking into reforming the immigration court system amid calls to detach immigration courts from the U.S. Department of Justice.

  • Fla. Appellate Judge Scolds Atty For Misgendering Her

    A Florida appellate judge used her dissenting opinion in a parental rights case to call out a Miami-based attorney for misgendering her twice in a court filing, saying it "does not appear to be a typographical error."

  • Biden's Contentious SDNY Pick Reports $1.96M Net Worth

    Dale E. Ho, whose nomination to the Southern District of New York bench has taken heavy flak from Republicans on Capitol Hill, reported a net worth of roughly $1.96 million in financial disclosures to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  • Justices Bolster Criminal Defendants' Right To Cross-Examine

    The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday fortified the right of criminal defendants to cross-examine witnesses against them, ruling that the defense strategy of a man convicted of murder did not open the door for testimony that would otherwise be barred.

  • Va. Judge Forced Off IP Case Over Wife's Cisco, Oracle Stock

    U.S. District Judge Liam O'Grady has stepped back from a decade-old suit accusing Cisco and Oracle of infringing a TecSec Inc. data encryption patent after finding out his wife has direct control of her stock holdings in the two tech giants.

  • Arianna Freeman

    An Introduction To 3rd Circ. Nominee Arianna Freeman

    President Joe Biden's selection for an open seat on the Third Circuit could be a historic one if the nomination is confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

  • Holly A. Thomas.png

    Senate Confirms Holly Thomas To 9th Circ.

    The Senate confirmed Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Holly A. Thomas to the Ninth Circuit on Thursday, making her the fourth of President Joe Biden's nominees confirmed to the largest federal appellate court.

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    Happily Ever After? Firms Talk Life Post-Merger

    More law firms are considering mergers and acquisitions, driven by a desire to shorten the road to market dominance and secure the best talent against the competition. Here, leaders of three of the largest firm combinations in recent history tell Law360 Pulse how their integrations have been working out.

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    Unvaxxed NY Judge Defies Courthouse Ban As Others Ousted

    An unvaccinated New York state judge barred from his courthouse over COVID-19 concerns has been violating court administrators' orders this month by repeatedly returning maskless while also conducting criminal arraignments by video.

  • merger-people-jigsaw.jpg

    Why Law Firm M&A Surge May Be More Blip Than Rebound

    There's been a flurry of law firm combination activity so far in January, but in the two years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, sluggish merger numbers have yet to see a substantial and sustained rebound. Some say a full recovery isn't likely until the pandemic is behind us.

  • Senate Panel Advances 9 Judge Noms, Deadlocks On 3 Others

    The Senate Judiciary Committee advanced the nominations of Judge Alison J. Nathan for the Second Circuit along with eight district court picks Thursday, but deadlocked on three trial court nominees who received no Republican support.

  • Trump Spokesman Loses Bid To Reclaim Jan. 6 Bank Docs

    A D.C. federal judge on Thursday denied an emergency request by a spokesman for former President Donald Trump to force the congressional Jan. 6 committee to return his private financial records that it obtained from JPMorgan last month, saying the court lacks the authority to tell Congress what to do with subpoenaed documents.

  • Justices Wary Of Courts' Wide Discretion In Resentencing

    Supreme Court justices on Wednesday expressed discomfort with giving federal district courts the power to reject updated sentencing guidelines and mitigating circumstances when considering shortening defendants' sentences.

  • Kreindler Says 9/11 Case Leak Doesn't Warrant Sanctions

    Kreindler & Kreindler LLP has argued that it should not face sanctions over a former consultant's leak of a deposition from litigation over the 9/11 terrorist attacks, as Saudi Arabia argued the firm willfully violated the protective orders covering the case.

  • 9d679da71ed346599a2894fbd7555832_Trump_Taxes_Lawsuit_13911_6000x4000.jpg

    Justices Deny Trump Bid To Block Release Of Jan. 6 Records

    In a blow to Donald Trump, the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday evening rejected the former president's request to block his White House documents from a House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot amid his claims of executive privilege to protect confidential records.

  • 4bacfb8123284449a2d2bf0c36282a7e_Senate_US_China_22887_5459x3639.jpg

    Justices Unsure Cruz Campaign's 'Self-Inflicted' Case Is Faulty

    The U.S. Supreme Court seemed unconvinced by the Federal Election Commission's argument Wednesday that Sen. Ted Cruz has no standing to challenge a campaign finance law because his monetary injury was "self-inflicted" to establish a case. "Where does this come from?" asked one justice of such a theory.

  • georgia_court.jpg

    Ex-Fisher Phillips Atty Seeks To Upend His Murder Conviction

    A former Fisher Phillips partner sentenced to life in prison for murdering his wife urged the Georgia Supreme Court for a new trial on Wednesday, arguing that jurors should've been allowed to decide whether the woman's shooting death constituted involuntary manslaughter rather than murder.

  • Conn. Disciplined 16 Attys In 2021's 4th Quarter

    In the last three months of 2021, the Connecticut judiciary's Statewide Grievance Committee officially disciplined nine attorneys with presentment, suspension and other compliance-based punishments for a range of legal ethics violations, while the Superior Court followed up on prior grievance committee rulings with orders upon seven attorneys, according to records emailed recently by Assistant Statewide Bar Counsel Elizabeth M. Rowe.

  • Fed. Circ. Criticizes Gilstrap For Keeping Netflix Suit In Texas

    The Federal Circuit on Wednesday ordered U.S. District Judge Rodney Gilstrap to transfer a patent suit brought by two Broadcom Corp. units against Netflix to the Northern District of California.

  • Ex-WH Counsel Fielding Joins Cipollone's Boutique In DC

    Fresh off opening a Washington, D.C., office, the California-based litigation boutique Ellis George Cipollone O'Brien Annaguey LLP has added a former Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP partner and alum of three Republican presidential administrations to the firm's Beltway outpost, according to an announcement Wednesday.

  • 5b671d5f682f4768bba6f24f254240b0_Supreme_Court_Gorsuch_Sotomayor_50976_2330x1553.jpg

    Roberts, Sotomayor Deny Asking Gorsuch To Mask Up

    Justice Sonia Sotomayor has not asked her colleague Justice Neil Gorsuch to wear a mask during oral arguments, nor has Chief Justice John Roberts requested masks be worn on the bench, according to Wednesday statements.

  • slights-iii.jpg

    Slights Says He's Leaving Del. Chancery In 2nd Quarter Of '22

    Vice Chancellor Joseph R. Slights III is set to retire from the Delaware Chancery Court bench "during the second quarter of 2022," according to an announcement on the state judiciary's website.

Expert Analysis

  • Small Steps Can Help Employers Beat Attorney Burnout Author Photo

    Lawyers are experiencing burnout on a massive, unprecedented scale due to the pandemic, but law firms and institutional players can and should make a difference by focusing on small, practical solutions that protect their attorneys’ most precious personal resource and professional commodity — time, says Chad Sarchio, president of the District of Columbia Bar.

  • The Evolving Role Of The Law Firm Legal Secretary Author Photo

    Technological shifts during the pandemic and beyond should force firms to rethink how legal secretaries can not only better support timekeepers but also participate in elevating client service, bifurcating the role into an administrative support position and a more elevated practice support role, says Lauren Chung at HBR Consulting.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can I Ace My Upcoming Annual Review? Author Photo

    Jennifer Rakstad at White & Case highlights how associates can emphasize achievements and seek support before, during and after their annual review, despite the pandemic’s negative effects on face time with colleagues and business development opportunities.

  • How Your Law Firm's Brand Can Convey Prestige Author Photo

    In order to be perceived as prestigious by clients and potential recruits, law firms should take their branding efforts beyond designing visual identities and address six key imperatives to differentiate themselves — from identifying intangible core strengths to delivering on promises at every interaction, says Howard Breindel at DeSantis Breindel.

  • How Dynamic Project Management Can Help Law Firms Author Photo

    Law firms looking to streamline matter management should consider tools that offer both employees and clients real-time access to documents, action items, task assignee information and more, overcoming many of the limitations of project communications via email, says Stephen Weyer at Stites & Harbison.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can I Successfully Switch Practices? Author Photo

    Associates who pivot into new practice areas may find that along with the excitement of a fresh start comes some apprehension, but certain proactive steps can help tame anxiety and ensure attorneys successfully adapt to unfamiliar subjects, novel internal processes and different client deliverables, say Susan Berson and Hassan Shaikh at Mintz.

  • A Road Map For Creating Law Firm Sustainability Programs Author Photo

    Amid demands from clients and prospective hires for greater sustainability efforts, law firms should think beyond reusable mugs and create programs that incorporate clear leadership structures, emission tracking and reduction goals, and frameworks for reporting results, says Gayatri Joshi at the Law Firm Sustainability Network.

  • Why Firms Should Help Associates Do More Pro Bono Work Author Photo

    Associates may hesitate to take on the added commitment of pro bono matters, but such work has tangible skill-building benefits, so firms should consider compensation and leadership strategies to encourage participation, says Rasmeet Chahil at Lowenstein Sandler.

  • Confronting The Stigma Of Alcohol Abuse In Legal Industry Author Photo

    The pandemic has likely exacerbated the prevalence of problem drinking in the legal profession, making it critical for lawyers and educators to address alcohol abuse and the associated stigma through issue-specific education, supportive assistance and alcohol-free professional events, says Erica Grigg at the Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program.

  • Opinion

    Lawyers Have Duty To Push For Immigration Court Reform Author Photo

    Attorneys must use their collective voice to urge federal lawmakers to create an Article I immigration court outside executive branch control, helping address the conflicts of interest, political influence and lack of adjudication consistency that prevent migrants from achieving true justice, say Elia Diaz-Yaeger and Carlos Bollar at the Hispanic National Bar Association.

  • ​​​​​​​Ask A Mentor: How Can 1st-Year Attys Manage Remote Work? Author Photo

    First-year associates can have a hard time building relationships with colleagues, setting boundaries and prioritizing work-life balance in a remote work environment, so they must be sure to lean on their firms' support systems and practice good time management, say Jenny Lee and Christopher Fernandez at Kirkland.

  • 5 Ways To Lead Lawyer Teams Toward Better Mental Health Author Photo

    Attorney team leaders have a duty to attend to the mental well-being of their subordinates with intention, thought and candor — starting with ensuring their own mental health is in order, says Liam Montgomery at Williams & Connolly.

  • How Your Summer Associate Events Can Convey Inclusivity Author Photo

    As law firms begin planning next year's summer associate events, they should carefully examine how choice of venue, activity, theme, attendees and formality can create feelings of exclusion for minority associates, and consider changing the status quo to create multiculturally inclusive events, says Sharon Jones at Jones Diversity.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Do I Negotiate Long-Term Flex Work? Author Photo

    Though the pandemic has shown the value of remote work, many firms are still reluctant to embrace flexible working arrangements when offices reopen, so attorneys should use several negotiating tactics to secure a long-term remote or hybrid work setup that also protects their potential for career advancement, says Elaine Spector at Harrity & Harrity.

  • What I Wish Law Schools Taught Women About Legal Careers Author Photo

    Instead of spending an entire semester on 19th century hunting rights, I wish law schools would facilitate honest discussions about what it’s like to navigate life as an attorney, woman and mother, and offer lessons on business marketing that transcend golf outings and social mixers, says Daphne Delvaux at Gruenberg Law.



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