New York Pulse

  • Injured Live Nation Worker, Atty Take $5M Fee Spat To Court

    An event worker who won a historic award from Live Nation over an accident that left him with severe brain injuries is embroiled in an acrimonious dispute over attorney fees with his lawyer, who is suing him in New York over a $5.5 million fee.

  • Stormy Daniels Tells Jury Avenatti Lied And Stole From Her

    Former Michael Avenatti client Stormy Daniels took the witness stand Thursday in the criminal case accusing the celebrity lawyer of defrauding the adult film actress out of hundreds of thousands of dollars from a book deal, saying Avenatti "stole from me and lied to me."

  • 'Lottery Lawyer' Says Feds Have 'Pattern' Of Misconduct

    The "Lottery Lawyer" charged with bilking his clients' winnings has accused prosecutors in New York's Southern and Eastern districts of a "pattern" of misconduct, urging a judge to force them to finally turn over potentially exculpatory material. 

  • lgbt-workplace.jpg

    141 Law Firms Honored For LGBTQ+ Equality

    The number of U.S. law firms receiving a perfect score for LGBTQ+ equality has increased since a report last year, indicating that the legal industry has further advanced workplace protections.

  • climate_legal.jpg

    Brown Rudnick Sets Net-Zero Carbon Goal

    Brown Rudnick LLP announced this week that it is working with a U.K.-based sustainability consultant toward achieving a net-zero carbon goal in the coming years.

  • 3d22e7816a904b1ca8e42cf952fba95a_Peloton_Recall_17076_4150x2767.jpg

    Legal, Finance Issues Keep On Spinning At Peloton

    January has been a rough ride for the streaming-media exercise company Peloton Interactive Inc. Its stock price dipped, demand for its equipment dropped so dramatically it had to halt production, the company released discouraging preliminary quarterly results, and lawyers came and went.

  • salary-increase3.jpg

    Winston & Strawn Antes Up With Associate Pay Bump

    Winston & Strawn LLP has raised its associate pay, falling in line with a new salary scale set by Milbank LLP, the firm confirmed to Law360 Pulse Thursday.

  • business-report.jpg

    Lateral Hires Mushroomed In 2021, More Expected In 2022

    Lateral hiring at top U.S. law firms in 2021 rose 83% compared with 2020 and 27.5% compared with 2019, as firms struggled to keep up with work as the legal system restarted following pandemic-related shutdowns, according to a report released Thursday.

  • mergesign.jpg

    Mid-Law Mergers Could Pick Up Amid Interest On All Sides

    Amid a small wave of Mid-Law merger announcements in late December and early January, industry observers say 2022 could bring a long-awaited resurgence of merger activity, with Mid-Law firms particularly likely to be involved in tie-ups.

  • AP21118599117517.jpg

    Judge Jackson Back In Spotlight As High Court Contender

    The upcoming vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court quickly threw the spotlight back on D.C. Circuit Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, a former clerk for Justice Stephen Breyer whose stature as a likely successor to the retiring justice was suddenly raised Wednesday.

  • 48803da931b94eb1842990b6877d0741_APTOPIX_Biden_31426_5265x3510.jpg

    Biden At His Side, Justice Breyer Announces Retirement

    Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer joined President Joe Biden at the White House Thursday to formally announce his retirement, kicking off a rush among Democrats to confirm a new member of the court to replace the oldest serving justice.

  • avenatti.jpg

    California Atty Tells Jury Avenatti Hounded Him For Cash

    A onetime attorney friend of Michael Avenatti on Wednesday testified how the embattled celebrity lawyer was desperate for cash in the fall of 2018 and ultimately secured a loan from fellow attorney Mark Geragos, in the final months of Avenatti's representation of adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

  • Willie Dennis.png

    Indicted Ex-K&L Gates Atty Can't Remove Ankle Monitor

    An indicted former K&L Gates LLP partner can't get his ankle monitor removed, a New York federal judge decided on Wednesday, agreeing with a doctor that the device likely did not cause the fired attorney to develop a hernia as he'd claimed.

  • Ex-CIA Coder Can't Get New Legal Help For Espionage Retrial

    A Manhattan federal judge on Wednesday refused to replace the standby counsel helping former CIA programmer Joshua Schulte prepare to represent himself at an upcoming espionage retrial, despite a breakdown in the attorney-client relationship.

  • iStock-legal-tech.jpg

    Legal Tech Smashed Investment Records In 2021

    Legal technology had a record year of investments in 2021, with at least $9.1 billion through funding or through mergers and acquisitions involving companies in the industry, according to a Law360 Pulse analysis.

  • 20167d55e2df43ad8fa7c42c98342b7c_Supreme_Court_Breyer_Retirement_34194_4391x3038.jpg

    'Just Do Your Job': Justice Breyer's Legacy Of Pragmatism

    With the coming retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer, the U.S. Supreme Court loses not only a core member of its liberal bloc, but also a judicial thinker who cares deeply about making the law work on a practical level, those who worked with him said.

  • d519b3dee766437a82919374190aa91f_Supreme_Court_Breyer_Retirement_36508_4983x3398.jpg

    Ex-Breyer Clerks Praise Jurist As Consensus Builder

    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, whose impending retirement was revealed Wednesday, has gained a reputation among his former clerks as a consensus-builder, a "statesman" who has looked to build bridges with the overarching goal of preserving the integrity of both the courts and democracy.

  • 2022 Associate Salary And Bonus Tracker

    Large law firms ushered in associate pay raises for the second time in two years this January, the latest in a flurry of pay raises and bonuses aimed at keeping and attracting talent.

  • salary.jpg

    DLA Piper, Duval & Stachenfeld Bump Up Associate Pay

    BigLaw firm DLA Piper and New York City real estate boutique Duval & Stachenfeld LLP both informed their attorneys this week they would adopt the associate salary pay scale recently set by Milbank LLP, Law360 Pulse confirmed Wednesday.

  • iStock-915664774.jpg

    Federal Prosecutor Group Calls For Telework Flexibility

    Federal prosecutors "overwhelmingly" want a flexible, two-day-a-week telework policy, according to a survey released Tuesday.

  • 503cbc5af8494c5db7b115c4213a7c77_Supreme Court Cheerleading_5806x3933.jpg

    5 Breyer Opinions You Need To Know

    Justice Stephen Breyer, who was confirmed Wednesday to be stepping down from the court after 27 years, was a pragmatist who thought about the real-world implications of the high court’s decisions. Here, Law360 looks at some of the cases that epitomize his career.

  • 322df6a5f075411fa0d7810abac23943_Supreme_Court_Breyer_Retire_04236_3756x2504.jpg

    Justice Breyer To Retire From High Court

    Justice Stephen Breyer, one of the longest-serving liberal members of the U.S. Supreme Court, will resign his post after more than 27 years on the bench.

  • 2_up_omni.png

    Omni CIOs On How Litigation Finance Will Mature in 2022

    With every year that passes, litigation funding increasingly becomes an accepted part of the legal industry, says Matthew Harrison, co-chief investment officer of Omni Bridgeway's U.S. operations.

  • NY Court Reporters Challenge Courthouse Vax Mandate

    The New York State Unified Court System "disparaged and rejected" the religious beliefs of court employees when it denied their exemption requests from the system's COVID-19 vaccination requirement, a group of court reporters alleged Tuesday in a federal lawsuit. 

  • Billionaire Calls Wigdor LLP Sanctions Bid 'Baseless'

    Billionaire Leon Black fired back at a bid for sanctions from a law firm he accused of extorting him by representing a woman who claimed he sexually assaulted her, dropping racketeering claims against Wigdor LLP but saying his lawsuit was a sensible reaction to the accusations.

Expert Analysis

  • The Law Firm Qualities Partners Seek In Lateral Moves Author Photo

    In 2022, partners considering lateral moves have new priorities, and firms that hope to recruit top talent will need to communicate their strategy for growth, engage on hot issues like origination credit and diversity initiatives, and tailor their integration plans toward expanding partners’ client base, says Gloria Sandrino at Lateral Link.

  • Small Steps Can Help Employers Beat Attorney Burnout Author Photo

    Lawyers are experiencing burnout on a massive, unprecedented scale due to the pandemic, but law firms and institutional players can and should make a difference by focusing on small, practical solutions that protect their attorneys’ most precious personal resource and professional commodity — time, says Chad Sarchio, president of the District of Columbia Bar.

  • The Evolving Role Of The Law Firm Legal Secretary Author Photo

    Technological shifts during the pandemic and beyond should force firms to rethink how legal secretaries can not only better support timekeepers but also participate in elevating client service, bifurcating the role into an administrative support position and a more elevated practice support role, says Lauren Chung at HBR Consulting.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can I Ace My Upcoming Annual Review? Author Photo

    Jennifer Rakstad at White & Case highlights how associates can emphasize achievements and seek support before, during and after their annual review, despite the pandemic’s negative effects on face time with colleagues and business development opportunities.

  • How Your Law Firm's Brand Can Convey Prestige Author Photo

    In order to be perceived as prestigious by clients and potential recruits, law firms should take their branding efforts beyond designing visual identities and address six key imperatives to differentiate themselves — from identifying intangible core strengths to delivering on promises at every interaction, says Howard Breindel at DeSantis Breindel.

  • How Dynamic Project Management Can Help Law Firms Author Photo

    Law firms looking to streamline matter management should consider tools that offer both employees and clients real-time access to documents, action items, task assignee information and more, overcoming many of the limitations of project communications via email, says Stephen Weyer at Stites & Harbison.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can I Successfully Switch Practices? Author Photo

    Associates who pivot into new practice areas may find that along with the excitement of a fresh start comes some apprehension, but certain proactive steps can help tame anxiety and ensure attorneys successfully adapt to unfamiliar subjects, novel internal processes and different client deliverables, say Susan Berson and Hassan Shaikh at Mintz.

  • A Road Map For Creating Law Firm Sustainability Programs Author Photo

    Amid demands from clients and prospective hires for greater sustainability efforts, law firms should think beyond reusable mugs and create programs that incorporate clear leadership structures, emission tracking and reduction goals, and frameworks for reporting results, says Gayatri Joshi at the Law Firm Sustainability Network.

  • Why Firms Should Help Associates Do More Pro Bono Work Author Photo

    Associates may hesitate to take on the added commitment of pro bono matters, but such work has tangible skill-building benefits, so firms should consider compensation and leadership strategies to encourage participation, says Rasmeet Chahil at Lowenstein Sandler.

  • Confronting The Stigma Of Alcohol Abuse In Legal Industry Author Photo

    The pandemic has likely exacerbated the prevalence of problem drinking in the legal profession, making it critical for lawyers and educators to address alcohol abuse and the associated stigma through issue-specific education, supportive assistance and alcohol-free professional events, says Erica Grigg at the Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program.

  • Opinion

    Lawyers Have Duty To Push For Immigration Court Reform Author Photo

    Attorneys must use their collective voice to urge federal lawmakers to create an Article I immigration court outside executive branch control, helping address the conflicts of interest, political influence and lack of adjudication consistency that prevent migrants from achieving true justice, say Elia Diaz-Yaeger and Carlos Bollar at the Hispanic National Bar Association.

  • ​​​​​​​Ask A Mentor: How Can 1st-Year Attys Manage Remote Work? Author Photo

    First-year associates can have a hard time building relationships with colleagues, setting boundaries and prioritizing work-life balance in a remote work environment, so they must be sure to lean on their firms' support systems and practice good time management, say Jenny Lee and Christopher Fernandez at Kirkland.

  • 5 Ways To Lead Lawyer Teams Toward Better Mental Health Author Photo

    Attorney team leaders have a duty to attend to the mental well-being of their subordinates with intention, thought and candor — starting with ensuring their own mental health is in order, says Liam Montgomery at Williams & Connolly.

  • How Your Summer Associate Events Can Convey Inclusivity Author Photo

    As law firms begin planning next year's summer associate events, they should carefully examine how choice of venue, activity, theme, attendees and formality can create feelings of exclusion for minority associates, and consider changing the status quo to create multiculturally inclusive events, says Sharon Jones at Jones Diversity.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Do I Negotiate Long-Term Flex Work? Author Photo

    Though the pandemic has shown the value of remote work, many firms are still reluctant to embrace flexible working arrangements when offices reopen, so attorneys should use several negotiating tactics to secure a long-term remote or hybrid work setup that also protects their potential for career advancement, says Elaine Spector at Harrity & Harrity.



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